Here is some of the packaging I have produced  whilst I worked with Warner Music and various labels such as Rhino for over 12 years. I mostly managed  advertising campaigns but every now and then a rather unusual request would arise from my dear clients. One of these was to recreate the Prince 12″ singles slipcases from the originals. There were 12 in all and I am lucky enough to have a copy of each one except Sexy MF, which a really nice ex colleague must have stolen- nice eh?

Also featured here is some CD packaging for Demon Music, Edsel and the band The Mission. We are given templates and strict briefs to adhere to.  Other packaging projects have been in the FMCG market working with Yoplait, Asda and Walkers Shortbread to name but a few. We can be very cost effective, so if you are have a packaging project on the horizon,  please contact us to see how we can help.
We are used to working with a wide variety of clients ranging from small start up companies and large multi national ones.

It is because we are not limited in experience, we can guide you through the many processes required to achieve your goals. We can redefine your identity, design the necessary advertising and other marketing materials required to launch your products.