It is often hard to create a website, or a brochure with out one. So we can take the time to work out where yours is. We listen and create. We create and listen to your feedback. We deliver a finished product that ensures that it can work across all your media platforms. There are a couple of examples here that demonstrate how this can work.

Having redesigned the Van Morrison website, we were asked to create some new identities for the new companies that were being set up. Listen To The Lion Records, Listen To The Lion Films, Listen To The Lion Touring USA. We worked with a combination of graphic designer and illustrator to achieve the perfect result.

For example Richmond Vets, was originally PG Andre Vets. When the current owner took over the practice he wanted a new identity. The problem soon arose that he knew that a new name was coming in a year or so. So we had to create an identity, that fitted his surroundings and very importantly could handle having a name change with out restructuring the rest of the identity. End result: perfect swap with minimal fuss, minimal rebranding.

Another example was Analytics a high end building company. We created a simple yet powerful identity that has been used across vans, clothing, signage and every conceivable piece of print.